5 comments on “The TOR Syndicate

  1. Welcome, and thanks for mentioning us. We love you stuff and hope to promote it to all. We would also love to see some great collaboration!


  2. As a member of the TORSyndicate, I’d be happy to feature your webcomic on RedRancor.com. Let me know if you’re interested! (send me a tweet @redrancor)

    • Wow Ashral,

      That would be great! Do you need anything from me? Graphic banners, preview material, etc?

    • What I might do is come up with a “Link to me” page with a number of banner styles and sizes. Anything you want done for a custom fit, just email me (grmoran (@) hotmail.com) and I’ll pull something together fairly quick.

      Also, I’m working on something special to post for this weekend, but I’ll probably be throwing it together fairly quickly and posting it tomorrow morning. It won’t be the next issue of The Jedi Gambit, but something just light-hearted and fun. (Not that TJG isn’t fun!) 😉

      Once I’ve got the next issue of TJG inked, I’ll be sure to send you a preview as it takes some time to digitally colour it.


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