One comment on “How “Darth” Are You?

  1. I’m not much of an RPer, but I enjoy rolling characters on an RP server. I find the community to be more thoughtful of others and over all more mature. Roleplaying has fallen to the wayside lately. Games like WoW kind of ignore it. I play RIFT on an RP server, but I’ve never seen/heard anybody RP.

    On the other hand, Star Wars has a lot of older fans. Fans that love to cosplay or roleplay. I feel SW:TOR will bring back true RP factors to MMOs. They are not only doing it with the well established IP, BioWare is bringing story to the next level with the fully voice acting.

    I know we hear over and over SW:TOR is voice acted and BioWare plugs every time words come out of their mouth, but that is what the game is about. It is about immersing yourself in the Star Wars universe and deepening that with voice acting and moral choices. Even if I play my 200 hour story, I got my $150 worth. I can’t think of another MMO that I can say that by shear content. Not content I have to go find either.

    I’m sure I’ll want to play many Alts. I haven’t seen anything that throws a red flag up for me. It has story, housing (ships), companions, and a huge galaxy. That is immersion in the Star Wars universe. That will spark 1,000’s of RPers. I might even dabble a litte for the first time ever in 10 years of playing MMOs.

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