8 comments on “Will the Mists of Pandaria Achieve What Blizzard Hopes?

  1. It’s hard to say of it is an expansion that will bring a sharp decline. What I’ve seen is a 50-50 split of love/hate. It’s the first expansion I never want to play. I never wanted a monk and I’m kind of annoyed a nature loving class like Druid is not a Panda. Im still playing WoW but Nov is the last time I’ll ever play it. It was a great 7 years, but SWTOR is awesome too me. I loved SWG and I’m glad I can get back into a Star Wars world again

  2. I’ve been a player of WoW since vanilla. I’ve also soaked up all of KOTOR & KOTOR 2 had to offer back in the day. Aswell as all the RPG bioware release. Despite being somewhat disappointed with DA:2, i know Bioware can make RPG games.. If blizzard has anything to fear from MMORPG’s that spring up, this is the one that is going to shake blizzards foundation. They are panicking, clearly. Had this 1 year deal come out without Star Wars: TOR being release, I might have considered it. But I can tell you now that I won’t be doing it

  3. This is another one of Blizzards pathetic attempts to keep their players locked into their game. Their player fan-base has been looking for another really good mmo to play for years to get off of wow-crack and finally that day is coming in December. They keep testing other games looking for something better. I played from Vanilla to the end of Wrath and they got thousands of dollars out of me over the course of those 6 years. Never again – I learned long ago their game changes like the wind and its usually for the worse. And thanks for nothing Blizzard, when you released starcraft 2 for roughly 70 bucks and only 1 campaign to play, that’s not even half of a game. This is a bad company with bad policies and the fanbase gets burned every time. Go away Blizzard – we wont miss you!

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