3 comments on “Custom Portraits and The Mandalorian Girl

  1. So, how does one request a picture done? Is it only through contests? Do you charge for others? Been wanting a fan art picture done for my Blockade Runner show for a long time and it being done by a SWTOR fan like yourself would be amazing. Let me know sir!

    • Hey there,

      I normally don’t charge to do portraits as that would open it up for me as a business. Usually if I have time, I’ll agree to do a portrait if asked by another member of the SWTOR blogging community or through one of my portrait contests. Having said that, I know I’ll be busy over the next while as I work on these latest portrait contest winners.

      Keep in touch with me though!

      • Hey,

        Well either way, I know that I def want a picture done by you. If you take a look at my web series (http://www.youtube.com/user/BlockadeRunner2011?feature=mhee), my host is a Quirky, perverted, foul mouthed Droid named CR-91. He has become a pretty big icon for people who watch my show. So a fun picture of him would be amazing. I would have it up on my site, as long as most likely print it out and frame it at my house lol. But since you are busy this week, it will def give me time to come up with Ideas. I might ask the community. I think it would be cool having a pic of him and me together side by side, but I understand your rule of one lol.

        But either way. If you can do this for me, let me know and ill reach out to the community and ask them for suggestions on what CR-91 should be doing (unless you want total creative freedom over it, which I would 100% understand), not to mention I would mention your site and all your great work. So let me know ASAP so I can get a promotional video made 🙂

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