Cast of Characters

Kylun Dross is a human born and residing in Coronet City on Corellia, serving both as a Jedi and as a member of the Corellian Security Force (or CorrSec). His was born into a family of shipbuilders with a long history of building spaceships for the Corellian Engineering Corporation. As a child, Kylun spent most of his years growing up in the CEC Shipyard with his family, which consisted of his father, mother, two uncles, and two brothers and a sister.

Being from such a large family, Kylun never really suffered for things to do as everyone devoted their lives to the construction of spaceships. He spent many of his days helping around the shipyard and often watched sadly as each new ship would leave the dock, never to be seen again. It was assumed as Kylun grew older that he, along with his brothers and sister, would be employed by the CEC and build ships in his family’s tradition. That was until he had shown sensitivity to the Force.

During a visit to the shipyards to settle negotiations for a ship building contract for the Republic, a Jedi had come across a 5 year old Kylun and his sister playing among some supply containers located on some repulsorlift pushcarts. As the Jedi watched, he saw Kylun’s sister accidentally kick out the restraint on the repulsor carts and the cart proceeded to dart through the shipyard, heading on a course to one of the larger ship bays. The Jedi called out an alarm and took chase, trying in vain to stop the cart with the Force, but the cart had gone too far from his reach. The Jedi and Kylun’s family looked on helplessly as it rocketed towards the huge bay. To their surprise, including the Jedi, the cart had come to a complete stop mere inches from plummeting hundreds of meters down into the ship bay.

When Kylun’s family and the Jedi approached the cart, they discovered the two children safe and Kylun holding his crying sister in his arms. The controls of the cart had been untouched and the restraint was still unengaged. When the Jedi asked Kylun why the cart had stopped, the boy merely uttered the reply:

“I asked it to stop.”

From that point on, Kylun was selected to leave Corellia and journey to Coruscant to train at the Jedi Academy. For years Kylun would study under an assortment of Jedi teachers, including as a Padawan for the Mon Calamarian Jedi Master, Tressth. It wasn’t entirely clear whether Tressth had selected Kylun for a Padawan because of his skills with the Force or his family knowledge of shipbuilding. In any case, Kylun trained under the Jedi Master’s tutelage for many years.

It wasn’t until Kylun turned 18 that he returned to his home planet of Corellia. Reunited with his family, Kylun – now a Jedi Knight, currently spends his time assisting the Corellian Security Force officers on various missions.

Gral Nedic

Not much is known about this Iridonian Bounty Hunter other than he’s been recently spotted on Corellia in Coronet City. Formerly an independant operator, he’s more recently been associated with the Black Sun. CorSec is concerned with his sudden appearance and has assigned jedi knight, Kylun Dross, to investigate.

Recent investigations have revealed that this Bounty Hunter is working with someone else. As Kylun had discovered, this Bounty Hunter was able to mask his presence from Force-sensitive individuals. A capability that worries Kylun greatly!

Torren is the true soldier. No nonsense, all action, and used to barking orders and having those followed succinctly. She fully supports those under her command and will do anything to ensure the safety of her unit.

However since being assigned to work with Kylun in matters involving the Jedi, Torren has met some obstacles. Not used to the open-mindedness of a Jedi, she has bumped heads with Kylun on several occasions. However over the years, Torren has been through enough adventures with Kylun to have built that key trust and, like the rest of her unit, she would stand by him through thick and thin.

Jedi Master Tressth

Kylun’s Mon Calamari teacher, Jedi Master Tressth, was without question one of his most influential teacher in the ways of the Force. Selected as a Padawan during his time at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, the two immediately bonded. Both we’re from proud ship-building families and both carried a strong sense of loyalty to friends and family. Master Tressth taught Kylun to stop and analyze first rather than jump into a situation blindly – a trait Kylun was often guilty of. To Tressth, patience paid off more than impulsiveness and caution or carelessness was always his lesson for Kylun.

Agent Fallsa

Agent Fallsa, or in his full Chiss name Breugai’fallsa, serves as an operative for the Imperial Intelligence Directive. Tasked with monitoring and acquiring the use of all the space docks and shipyards on Corellia. Whether he uses intimidation, bribes, or just outright aggression, Fallsa has been gaining control over each Corellian shipyard to be placed under Imperial jurisdiction. One shipyard has garnered most of Fallsa’s attention, that being the Dross family and the agent’s attention being directed mostly at Kylun.

Recently Fallsa has wagered a deal with Kylun’s sister, Torren, in which the family shipyard would be spared Imperial scrutiny provided she assist him in capturing her brother. Upon completion of that task, Fallsa has been reported off-planet with rumours of him visiting an old colleague on Hutta – Nem’ro the Hutt.

As we are introduced to more characters in the series, I’ll be posting up some brief bio and character information here. Check back often!


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